Thursday, March 26, 2009


A. Not a good liar
B. Blind
C. Very poor counter
D. Juvenille leftist
E. All of the above

In Dante Strobino's blog post at Raleigh FIST, with the nifty Che Guevara picture clearly identifying them as real socialists, he stated:

Almost 10,000 people gathered in Chavis Park before the march....

If you even had 1000 people down at Chavis Park, that would be stretching it. I guess if you call the rally HKONJ (Historic THOUSANDS on Jones Street) then you can just say 10,000 and assume people won't know better.

You had over 80 leftist groups together with paid activists and you could not get beyond say, 10 - 15 per group?

You can see the real crowd photos here:

Or if you like, you can count below. These photos were taken at the peak of attendance at Chavis Park.