Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Cue the music.

HKONJ? Hardly.

Thousands .... No

Historic ..... No - just a lot of regurgitated leftism.

Only WTVD locally had the numbers correct.

It's a clever way to distort numbers. Have a decent enough crowd in the hundreds and the media will just go along with the "Historic Thousands" mantra.

A far cry from the crowds during last year's election cycle. Of course that was a MBM - money based movement.

You can check out the video footage from YouTube here:

Actual march footage

Actual march footage from a distance

General organizational footage from Chavis Park

Reverend Curtis Gatewood says blacks are still being lynched but does not tell us how

Overall video footage of crowd

The fact is that HKONJ had about 80 partner organizations and between them they only turnout a crowd in the hundreds on a decent weather day in February. WRAL says you had 100 partner groups.

On arguably one of the coldest days in January, NC Right to Life had a much larger crowd - in the actual thousands. You can see the video here.

Beyond the "Socialism Now" sign that accidentally popped up on the WRAL footage, here are some pictures of folks from other front group/non-profit partners.