Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"We need to keep in mind that the arts are an economic generator and they do provide jobs to our citizens."

Mary Ann Baldwin
Raleigh City Council Meeting
February 17, 2009

Mary Ann Baldwin (At-Large) also responded to Isley’s concerns and argued that going ahead with construction would help create jobs in Raleigh. The public safety center is expected to cost $226 million.

Mary Ann Baldwin speaking on the construction of the new Clarence Lightner Public Safety Center.
Raleigh Public Record
December 2, 2008

I think we've heard this before. Remember back in 1992 when they said the new convention center would create 1000 new jobs?

Ask Mary Ann Baldwin where the 1000 new jobs are that were created with the new convention center. I'm sure she would be happy to provide those figures. Surely if arts funding and building the new public safety center are going to create jobs, then the convention center must have created jobs as well.

How about this proposal Mary Ann?

Why don't you sponsor an amendment to this proposal to require that all arts spending be done with Raleigh artists and Raleigh vendors? Let's make sure the money stays local. That's what you want. Correct?

Let's not forget Mary Ann Baldwin's Piece de Resistance.

The Riverwalk.

Email Mary Ann Baldwin, ask her to produce the economic forecast for permanent job creation related to arts. She can be reached at

Who needs the circus. We have plenty of clowns on Hargett Street.