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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Sheriff Harrison,

We at Wake Community are disappointed. Haven't you learned? You've been through these budget processes with Wake County Commissioners before.

Recent news reports state you might have to get rid of the ICE program and 61 deputies.

We know you're a pretty sharp fellow and would think you had observed our Wake County School System in action.

Your solution? Why Donnie just cook your attendance numbers. The Wake County Public School System does it every year and seems to get away with it.

Just inflate your prison population figures above what you actually think will occur.

Heck with the dropout rate in Wake County Public Schools and Mayor Meeker's failure to speak a word about crime in his "State of Fayetteville Street" address, you might actually be right on target. They might inadvertently help you along.

Your being far too honest Donnie. The Wake County Commissioners seem to expect it from Del Burns. Give it a go!