Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here's a book you can put on your bookshelf right next to Bill McNeal's and Tom Oxholm's "A School System's Journey to Mediocrity."

According to the product description, the Wake County Public School System is a "beacon of hope."

Just check out this review:

In Hope and Despair in the American City, Gerald Grant has written a profound book about American cities and their schools. He combines far-ranging scholarship with lively field research, autobiography, historical narrative, and an expert grasp of demographic data and the winding mazes of legal opinion. The result is a big and ambitious portrait, through the story of two cities, of our nation's greatest educational problems and possibilities for school reform in the metropolitan U.S. today.

--Joseph Featherstone, Michigan State University

Field research? He apparently missed thousands of parents annually outraged by the flippant disregard the Wake County Public School System has shown them and their children.

Demographic data? I would love to know what data the Wake County Public School System provided him to make his case. Nobody in Wake County can seem to get any data out of central office. Maybe he can share it with us.

You can read the review here.