Monday, March 2, 2009


Subject: A Call to Action has joined up with the Wake Schools Community Alliance (WSCA).

For years, parent groups have formed all over Wake County to take on the school system regarding reassignment, MYR and other important issues. WSCA has succeeded in bringing together all of these groups for the very first time.

Four School Board seats are up for election this October. These four districts (Currently represented by P.Head, E.Goettee, L.Millberg and H.Tart) have all been badly treated by the School Board, and are ready for change. WSCA is harnessing the power of parent groups across Wake County to elect candidates who will reform assignment practices.

WSCA's core beliefs are simple:
We support candidates who will reestablish community schools and stable assignments.
We support candidates who will retain Year-Round schools, but end the practice of mandatory assignment.

Three Wake County mayors have already pledged their support to WSCA, and four more will follow suit this week. Three Wake County Commissioners have already pledged support. The most recent WSCA meeting was standing-room only, and community support continues to build.

We have never had a better opportunity to change the course of Wake County schools than the 2009 elections. WSCA is currently interviewing candidates for all four school districts. We will endorse candidates and provide their campaigns with the funding and volunteers they need to WIN.

To learn more about WSCA, please visit soon. Consider joining up and becoming part of a historic campaign. And while you are on the web site, please consider making a donation to the WSCA PAC. How wonderful will it be to return to stable, community-based skills? The PAC will be used to contribute directly to candidates and to complement their campaigns.

If you read the N&O or watch local news, you have seen that WSCA is being taken very seriously. People who are trying to hold onto the past are nervous, and they should be. Please support WSCA in any way you can, this is the year we get the job done.