Thursday, July 15, 2010


For those of you in Wake County, you don’t need a long-winded discussion of the issues facing our Wake County Board of Education.

For those of you outside of Wake County, I suspect you have heard of the challenges facing our current Wake County Board of Education. Amidst ongoing attacks by groups such as the NAACP, local organizations such as Great Schools in Wake County and statewide groups such as the NC Justice Center, they have remained loyal, steadfast and true to the promises they made to Wake County families during last fall’s elections. Sadly these groups defend a status quo policy that has resulted in a tragic 54.2% graduation rate for our socio-economically disadvantaged students in Wake County – the students they feign concern over. These failed status quo policies have and will reconcile many to a life of de-facto economic segregation.

The post-December Wake County School Board of Education has heard the concerns of Wake County residents and responded. They have pledged to end a finally unveiled “Emperor has no clothes” forced busing policy by connecting families and communities with their schools. They are working to address the critical educational shortcomings facing Wake County’s socio-economically disadvantaged students – rather than pay lip service to them.

It is not often we see elected officials, in the face of tremendous attacks, remain true to the promises they made before an election. These individuals truly have.

A local Wake County resident and friend has crafted a petition to say thanks to the Wake County School Board of Education for their work since December. It is a petition I eagerly signed.

I hope you will do so as well.

Please take a minute to go to the link below and add your name to the list. I know the members of the Wake County Board of Education will appreciate it.

You need not live in Wake County to sign the petition.