Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Down the road at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Posted by Terry Stoops at 09:23 AM

Great Schools in Wake Coalition press release (May 4, 2010):

One need only look down the road at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to understand how, with a new assignment model, creating higher poverty schools directly impacts student achievement,’ said Kathleen Brown, an associate professor and chair of the Educational Leadership Area in the UNC School of Education. ‘By eliminating socioeconomic diversity and student achievement as factors in its new student assignment policy,’ continued Brown, ‘the School Board majority is failing to acknowledge the inextricable ties between the way students are assigned and their academic achievement.'"

Charlotte Observer editorial (July 21, 2010):

The results also show CMS's improvements by all groups of students, with noteworthy gains made by black, Hispanic and low-income students. Those students now outperform their peers in Wake County schools, the state's largest school system, which has fewer minority and poor students.