Friday, December 12, 2008


Wake Community Network will begin profiling local and statewide groups we believe you may want to support. Please check out these groups and consider joining them.


Wake Community Network

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Citizens Informed

Name of group: Citizens Informed

Statewide or local? Statewide

Area of focus (mission/goal): Citizens Informed is a volunteer-run, grassroots campaign formed to educate North Carolina citizens on the need for an online portal to host our state budget and spending database. We believe citizens should be able to track how their hard earned tax-dollars are being spent and budgeted.

Programs and activities: We are building a nonpartisan/bipartisan coalition supporting our mission and encourage coalition members to submit letters to the editor, opinion-editorials, etc. to local media outlets to educate all citizens on the need and benefits of such a website.

Contact information:
· Website:
· Phone: 919.412.9371
· Email:
· Address: PO Box 25363, Raleigh, NC 27611
· Name of individual to contact: Laurie Onorio