Friday, December 2, 2011


Meeker and other critics of the Republican board members have on more than one occasion accused them of being outsiders and made fun of three of them having lived in New Jersey.

N&O - October 9, 2010

Wonder what Meeker thinks about all those "outsiders" from New Jersey spending millions at hockey games.


Mayor Meeker's final "Unity" Day will take place tomorrow at the Raleigh Convention Center. Raleigh's Human Relations Commission will present and discuss the recommendations and responses resulting from the 2010 Community Dialogues Report - "Many Faces, One Community."

The report is based on suggestions from 100 people of whom only 61% say they always vote in municipal elections.

In Part III, Section F, of Recommendations, it states:

1. Develop diversity training for its employees, including officers of the Raleigh Police Department.

3. Embrace and accept the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Participants recommended that the City of Raleigh become more involved with LGBT issues and develop collaborative partnerships through the LGBT Center of Raleigh and the Center at N.C. State University. Adding gender identity and expression to the City’s nondiscrimination policy and providing domestic partner benefits to City of Raleigh employees would show a commitment to this community. Participants also voiced the hope that the City will formally recognize the contributions of its LGBT community by developing initiatives, offering statements of support, sponsoring events and making appointments to boards and commissions. The LGBT community adds to the economic vitality and culture of our city, and its members are active in every part of Raleigh’s economy.