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stores owned by national chains, owners called raleigh police to ban free spech

Occupy Raleigh General Assembly Minutes

He was interrupted by jeering protesters - a majority from the Occupy Raleigh movement - inside Nelson Hall.

View the video here.

So it's bad when Raleigh police disperse Occupy Raleigh protestors who go on to private property but it's okay for them to disrupt others trying to speak?

A case of okay for me, not for thee.

We wonder - if 50 people crash their encampment at Edenton and Hillsborough to do a little free speech, what will they do? Would they call Raleigh police?


ENABLER: one that enables another to achieve an end

Mayor-elect Nancy McFarlane said in an interview with The News & Observer that she’s in talks with a downtown property owner who is “interested” in hosting the group. McFarlane declined to elaborate but said she hopes to make progress in the next week.

“I can’t tell you the details because I haven’t worked anything out yet,” she said. “We’re talking through some of the possibilities.”

N&O - November 8, 2011

The group uses a de-escalation team to anticipate conflicts and serve as ambassadors to police. “Our actions thus far have been very peaceful,” said demonstrator Kurt Zehnder.

“Please let us continue to be responsible. If there are things that are a hazard to us, we’ll notice them.”

N&O - November 8, 2011

So we've witnessed Occupy Raleigh, in just a few short days, engage in activities that necessitated law enforcement involvement.

And McFarlane's busy at work helping to find them some space to camp out at in downtown Raleigh.

We also asked Raleigh City Manager Russell Allen about the violation of Raleigh's sign ordinace by Occupy Raleigh protestors and their encampment at the meeting of Hillsborough and Edenton Streets. We received this quick and gracious reply:

This is State owned property in the sidewalk and grassy area in front of the Capitol.  I believe the State has allowed these signs as a part of the picketing by this group.  The City does not allow signage within its rights of way.

The “encampment” at Hillsborough and Edenton is on private property.  Camping is allowed as a general use in all zoning districts.

I hope this is helpful.


J. Russell Allen
City Manager, Raleigh

If any of our astute readers have any observations about "camping" as a "general use in all zoning districts" send them our way at It is worth noting that Occupy Raleigh is renting this property to "camp" out.

The group is paying monthly rent of $400 for the spot. An anonymous donor offered to cover the cost.

N&O - November 29, 2011

"... anonymous donor ..." How transparent.

We also see Raleigh FIST's (a socialist organization) Dante Strobino, who lengthened his rap sheet by getting arrested at a Wake County Board of Education meeting, worked to organize the protest at NCSU also. Raleigh FIST is part of the 54.2% Coalition of "concerned parents and families" who complained about all the turmoil on the Wake County Board of Education.

I guess since they accomplished their political goal of wrestling the Wake County Board of Education from parents, students and families, they can get back to ignoring socio-econoomically disadvantaged children and move on to other socialist agitations.


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