Saturday, February 20, 2010


"Then McFarlane, reacting to Gaylord's assessment that using the city-owned site on Nash Square downtown would squander prime real estate, said, "How the city treats its public safety workers says a lot."

Nancy McFarlane
Raleigh News & Observer
February 20, 2010

Nancy, we agree with you. Couldn't agree with you more. Now how have you personally addressed the shortage of public safety workers in Raleigh the past few years? Where are the soundbites from you lamenting this shortage? How about those pay raises you gave public safety workers last year?

Oh wait, you didn't give any. You neglected Raleigh's public safety workers.

There's one thing you didn't neglect. A $50,000 appropriation for a 32 hour a week job for a
Public Art Coordinator.

How a city treats its public safety workers does say a lot. We'll see what you have to say in relation to this year's budget in June.