Thursday, February 25, 2010


So Schofield/Fitzsimon and their enlightened masses over at NC Policy Watch are hosting a Crucial Conversation Luncheon: The Supreme Court's corporate speech decision.

More like crucial conversations on hypocrisy.

In their nifty little email they bemoan the right of:

"..... corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on politics."

".... tilting it decisively in favor of corporate interests."

How about your bread and butter buddy Mr. Goodmon? Yes the one who now is using a corporate entity to fight against the political wishes of the majority of Wake County citizens. Talk to your friends at Public Policy Polling - they have the data (including the polls they refused to release).

Goodmon, via Capitol Broadcasting, is running television ads promoting diversity.

Luddy and Pope's involvement in school board elections was transparent - found right on campaign finance reports that the N&O and others like yourself gladly publicized. And that was their personal cash.

In the spirit of transparency, will the costs of production of the ads and the buy schedule be made public? I would suggest that someone pay for these ads, but what's the point? Frankly that's just the tip of the iceberg but we'll keep it focused.

Sounds like a case of wrong for thee, right for me.

I'm looking forward to hearing your denouncement of CBC's corporate money in politics at your luncheon.

Birds chirping.....

(WRAL sure has come a long way since my days marching around with Uncle Paul.)