Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today Dr. Jim .....

Today the all knowing Dr. Jim "I'm smarter than you" Martin demanded an immediate meeting with Superintendent (oops I mean Coach) Tom O'Brien to review NC State's football program for this fall.

After the successful season last fall and O'Brien's remarks of strong progress that he wants to build upon, Jim Martin said that we should not expect success and a careful review of the data shows that. He said that it is "common" that when the "core" players leave the team will decline and that the gains were only because we had several years with veteran players and the team's structure will now change.

He also wants to lecture the offensive and defensive coordinators concerning their playbook. Dr. Jim has conducted an analysis of NC State's offensive and defensive strategy the last several years and has found flaws. He wants to dictate (oops I mean show) to them how he can design it better.