Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is Veterans Day. Maybe the deadheads should walk across the Capitol grounds and thank them. Don't hold your breath.

Billed as their largest fundraiser of the year, the Hargett Street YWCA this past Wednesday held their Academy of Women Awards Ceremony.

(Note - Another big fundraiser for them is picking up their annual check from the City of Raleigh - increased this year by 25% to $12,500. See page 80 of Raleigh's budget document here.)

And lo and behold who are they honoring? None other than Yevonne Brannon, chaos creation queen, for "government".

Let's review her past and present.

In a 2009 N&O letter to the editor Brannon stated about the Wake BOE:

"We never experienced such lack of decorum ..."

"We all obeyed .... the unwritten rules of courtesy and integrity...."

"We are not serving our county when our excellent reputation is smeared weekly with political shenanigans that show little concern for our quality of life in Wake."

(News & Observer - December 10, 2009)

Let's review that "courtesy, integrity and decorum" from Brannon's service in "government" as a Wake County Commissioner.

At a 1999 planning retreat, Brannon pushed for a property tax increase of 13 cents - the largest increase among various proposals being considered by Wake Commissioners.

As the News and Observer reported, Republican County Commissioner Herb Council finally agreed to the highest property tax increase proposal on the table - 13 cents.

From the News and Observer:

The more the commissioners talked, the higher the proposed increase got. The figure reached 13 cents when Commissioner Betty Lou Ward was told that was roughly what corresponds to a $200 average tax-bill increase.

"Sold!" Brannon yelled as she leapt from her seat in a meeting room of Wake Forest University's Graylyn Conference Center. "Hey, you guys - the bar is open!"

(News and Observer - February 20, 1999)

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