Thursday, September 22, 2011


Paul Fitts for Raleigh City Council


Paul Fitts, Wake County native, and candidate for Raleigh City Council At-Large, was endorsed today by the Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association.  The RPFFA joins the growing list of recent endorsements by the Raleigh Police Benevolent Association, The Homebuilders Association of Raleigh/Wake County and the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors.

Fitts stated, "I’m grateful for this endorsement as citizens’ expectations for public safety and civil preparedness are rising, and at the same time the need to tighten budgets and to have broader oversight is increasing.  Public safety is too critical to compromise. I will be an advocate for our police, firefighters and all first responders so that they continue to respond in real time, protecting our citizens and property.

Public safety isn’t just about having enough first responders to aid us when the needs arise…it’s also about taking care of the Police, Fire and other city employees who take care of us every day. Our police officers need to have the tools that allow them to fight the growing gangs and drug issues. We need to ensure that our first responders keep pace with our population with the continued addition of satellite police stations. I will work closely with our first responders to ensure that we capture all unmet and future needs of public safety," Fitts said.

The RPFFA's mission is to improve and advance the safety of the firefighting profession and is committed to the well being and progress of our community and it's citizens.

For More Information Contact:
Paul Fitts  919/ 412-7682