Sunday, October 31, 2010


Several years back we had Peder Zane of the N&O Lifestyles section viewing downtown Raleigh in overtly sexual overtones. And now?

Meet David Menconi.

Earlier this year, he
wrote of the Michael Buble concert:

"A couple of songs in, Bublé did a comedic monologue that was surprisingly salty, with a couple of F-bombs and flip-offs (although they were so good-natured, it was hard to imagine anybody taking offense)."

Yes, what parent would take offense at some F-bombs?

And now?

Menconi writes about the Lady Gaga concert:

"Over-the-top show borders on brilliant."
"The show drew a packed house of people dressed for the occasion in remarkably elaborate gender-bending costumes..."
"Like lady M, Gaga espouses self-empowerment and sexuality as sacrament, in a cultural context of gay-friendly androgyny."
"During the latter song, flames began shooting from her naughty bits. It was brilliant"

Seems like all that's missing is a few good natured f-bombs. I guess flames "shooting from her naughty bits" is good natured as well beyond being brilliant.

Oh yeah and calling the Wake County Board of Education racists as well.

Class Act Menconi.

Read the article here.