Friday, June 25, 2010


So Meeker, want to play the carpetbagger card? Mitch's been on a tear to change every square inch of Raleigh, dump millions into downtown Raleigh wasteful projects and put trains all over the place.

How long has he lived here? Does he really know Raleigh? Did he go to school here?

Did you?

One other thing King Charles, in your quest to dump millions into downtown Raleigh the African American community seems to have missed out. Seems like all the money has been spent on Fayetteville Street where white intellectuals like yourself can sit around and drink expensive coffees and talk about how much you care about black folks and have black friends and maybe even a favorite professional black basketball player.

Mitch Silver Bio
Mitchell J. Silver, AICP



Raleigh, NC, Department of City Planning, July 2005 to present

Hired as Raleigh’s fourth planning director in 2005 to create a vibrant 21st century city. Led the effort to transition Raleigh from a mid-size city to a central city in a fast growing metropolitan region. Responsible for guiding current and long range planning, neighborhood and strategic planning, historic preservation, and the City’s data and urban design center. Within the first year, introduced a new planning and development philosophy, spearheaded zoning changes to allow more residential density downtown, acquainted the city to public realm and streamlined the planning review process to provide greater predictability. Helped reach consensus on key projects including the new Downtown Marriott Hotel, the Hillsborough Street Revitalization plan and the RBC Plaza tower. Led the comprehensive plan update with an emphasis on regional cooperation, innovation and creativity, environmental stewardship and mass transit. Serves as the department’s spokesperson and media contact. In 2007, named one of the 24 most influential people in Downtown Raleigh. In 2008, named “Distinguished Leader of the Year” by the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Class.