Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here's Raleigh FIST's latest endeavor - an active participant in HKONJ. They describe themselves as a marxist youth organization:

Raleigh-Durham F.I.S.T. presents:
Fred Goldstein, author of "Low Wage Capitalism," and Monica Moorehead, the author of "Marxism, Reparations, and the Black Freedom Stuggle" will be in Chapel Hill on Saturday at Internationalist Books (405 W Franklin St) to discuss their works. This will be a great time for folks to get a better understanding of the current economic crisis and how it greatly affects oppressed peoples, workers, and students, as well as what type of fightback is necessary to demand our rights to a job, an education, and everything else that is threatened by crises of capitalism.Start: Apr 4 2009 - 12:30pmEnd: Apr 4 2009 - 2:00pmFred Goldstein, author of Low-Wage Capitalism, will talk about his groundbreaking new book "Low-Wage Capitalism," which presents a Marxist view of the capitalist economic crisis. Critically acclaimed by both Howard Zinn and Michael Parenti, "Low-Wage Capitalism" provides a sorely-needed and easy-to-read analysis of the roots of the current global economic crisis, its implications for workers and oppressed peoples, and the strategy needed for future struggle. Goldstein explains how the dramatic impact of new technology and the restructuring of global capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction.He will be joined by Monica Moorehead, the editor of Marxism, Reparations and the Black Freedom Struggle, a rich collection of articles from the pages of Workers World newspaper featuring Black Resistance, Katrina, History of Struggle and Anthology. Both authors will sign books following the discussion.For more info check out: more questions contact Imperialism- Stand Together (FIST) is a Marxist youth organization. http://raleighfist.wordpress.com