Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Jessie Taliaferro complains in today's N&O about the lack of state funding for Capital Boulevard - a state-level responsibility. She states:

"Just like with everything else, the state has not been investing in the city of Raleigh," said City Council member Jessie Taliaferro. "They're not doing it, and we have to step in."

Maybe Taliaferro can find $420,000 out of the
$16 million she supported in funding the city plaza project in downtown Raleigh.

One thing to note about the Capital Boulevard improvements. They are all outside the Beltline.

One final thing on spending - The N&O also righfully notes that:

"Put in perspective, the money for Capital is less than 7 percent of the $6.3 million the city plans to spend on its largest pedestrian safety project on Hillsborough Street, a street with nowhere near the deaths of Capital Boulevard. "

Which is, of course, inside the Beltline. Taliaferro supported that also.