Friday, November 2, 2012


Those who have not attended Wake County Board of Education meetings perhaps don't witness what amounts to a constant level of disruption and rude and belligerent chatter from the Great Schools (not students) in Wake leadership. The snapshots below feature what has become a perpetual ritual for the likes of Amy Lee and Yevonne Brannon. These clips come from a less than one hour time period at a recent Board of Education meeting. In recognition of her chaos creation activities, Keith Sutton recently appointed her to his Board Advisory Council.

If anyone has any footage of Kevin Hill reprimanding them as he has neighborhood school supporters, please send it our way. We cannot locate any.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Look at this quote from Jim Martin:

“Let’s look at bringing neighborhoods together and evening achievement,” Martin said.
N&O - October 31, 2012

Once again we are back to the pre-2009 assignment by diversity policy. Note that he talks about spreading around/"evening" achievement. We are back to the place where we focused not on addressing the challenges facing socio-economically disadvantaged students but rather spreading them around like pawns in a statistical chess game. This "nationally recongized" policy resulted in a stellar
54.2% graduation rate for socio-economically disadvantaged students in Wake County.

We await for scientist Jim Martin's data showing how the former diversity assignment Policy 6200 improved academic performance. Since you are building a new assignment policy based on "evening achievement," let's see your data set. 


When it comes to speaking out on a rushed assignment plan that the N&O describes as put together "quickly for next year" and is ...

not available yet for public review until November 13 and will have a final vote less than a month later on December 11,  has no public hearings scheduled yet, and is subject to even further tweaks by Martin and Evans ...


When Tony Tata or neighborhood school supporters are not in charge, they stay silent. You won't hear them talk about transparency, a detailed financial analysis, a rushed process, public input, etc. because it was never about that. It was all about chaos creation, power and control. Prom Queen comments are horrendous, but Keith Sutton's "kick your a$$" or "shut the f@&% up" don't meet with the same concern.